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Mah Jong. 
This group is nearly full, please contact Heather (group contact leader.) if you would like to start another group.
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Sessions are held on the 1st Wed of each month from 10-12 pm,  and the venue is Linda-Mei's house in Gravesend.

Don't forget that in March only we are meeting on the second Wednesday the 11th.

We started our 1st Mah Jong session in Apr-2016 and the afternoon went well with the new members trying their best to grasp words like chow, pong, Kong and umkong, a totally new experience for them! This often brougtht out the giggles!

2020, The year of the Rat
We had our annual Chinese New Year mahjong gathering to celebrate the year of the RAT this year and after a very enjoyable play, 9 of us went to China Garden and had a slap up lunch which comprised of 11 yummy dishes ! Phew, what a lot of food.😊




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