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**November** Monthly Meeting is at the Church.
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At last

The weather smiled on our first face-to-face meeting since the start of the pandemic and what a glorious moment that was. We met in Anne-Marie's garden to sing and chat and smile (and also eat cake).
After discussing our August meetings we decided to postpone our return to the tin tabernacle until September to co-incide with the start of the new season so our meetings on Tuesday 3rd and 17th August will be hosted by Heather (S) and Marion respectively.

Please contact Anne-Marie if you need the address.

.......and now for the good news

With the announcement of the easing of lockdown regulations from 19th July we're now in a position be able to meet face-to-face rather than through the medium of Zoom. Our next singalong is on Tuesday 20th July at 9.45 but we wont be going straight back to the Tin Tabernacle. Instead we'll be meeting in Anne-Marie's garden (or her house if it's bad weather).
As well as singing we'll also discuss the timetable for returning to meeting at the tin tabernacle.

Please contact Anne-Marie if you need the address.

Camer Park

Following a lovely get together at Camer in April we will be meeting again on Thursday 17th May at 2.00 p.m. Refreshments can be purchased from the cafe or bring your own.  You may want to bring your own chair or mat to sit on.
This is an opportunity for us to gather informally rather than an al fresco sing-a-long but please remember to maintain a safe social distance.

2020-21 Season

The singing group continues to meet twice a mont (1st and 3rd Tuesdays) via Zoom and we pride ourselves that we've become quite confident in using this. The meetings are a chance to have a chat together as well as giving us th eopportunity to keep the vocal cords working.

This year we've each been choosing eight songs that we would take to a desert island. It's been fascinating listening to everyones choices, hearing the stories behind the selections and singing along to a few of them.

Like most people we are counting down the weeks until we can opefully all meet up again face-to face. It will feel strange to be back in the same room together and getting used to hearing each other sing once more.

If any one wants to join us for these meetings we are always happy to have new members just let our group contact Anne Marie Medhurst know and she will add you to the list and send you the link for the meetings at the appropriate time.

Going Forward

As we are still unable to meet and sing together in person we will be continuing with our Zoom meetings for the foreseeable future. From September 2020 these will return to the usual twice monthly slot on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Meetings start at 9.45.

We enjoy singing a variety of songs and always welcome new members and suggestions for material to include in our repertoire.

If any members would like to join our group please contact Anne Marie Medhurst and she will add you to the list and send you the link for the meetings at the appropriate time.



Covid-19 Update

While we are all self-isolating the Singing group is meeting every Tuesday morning between 10.00 and 11.00 via the power of Zoom. The internet is not the perfect way to have a sing- along and we're finding it very difficult to keep together as we sing. But we're getting better and if nothing else it makes us all smile.

If anyone else would like to join us for any of these sessions just click on the Bluebird symbol and I'll send you the link for the meeting.

Keep smiling, keep safe and keep singing



The singing group meet from 9.45-11.45 on the first and third Tuesday of the month at the 'Tin Tabernacle' in Sole Street.

We are an informal group who enjoy singing together. We like to challenge ourselves and keep adding new songs to our repertoire.

As well as our regular meetings we also enjoy performing for local groups and are always willing to consider new requests.

If anyone wishes to join, then please click the Bluebird symbol  to e-mail Anne-Marie, our group contact.

2019-20 Season


January 2020

Happy New Year

We are refreshing our repertoire of songs and preparing some special songs for the 75th anniversay of VE Day. You should have the following lyricss in your folders:
Black hill of Dakota, Sunrise Sunset, Musical Medley, Tonight, Red feathers, Edelweiss, Food glorious food

The final list of WWII songs has yet to be finalised but so far you should have 'Be like a Kettle and sing' and 'When the lights go on again', 'Berkley Square'.

We will be having our post Christmas Meal at The Cricketers, Meopham after the meeting on February 4th. If you intend coming and have not already spoken to Sheryl please let her know as soon as possible.

Subs to cover the hire of the Tin Tabernacle are due. Let Sheryl have your £5 if you have not already paid.

November 2019

It was a larger group that met to sing for the Parkinsons group on 25th November. We performed two sets for them. The first contained new material and musical numbers then after a very welcome break for tea and cake we sang some well known Christmas songs. Yet again it was a most enjoyable afternoon enhanced by the fact that some members were quite lucky in the raffle 🙂.

Small in number but no less enthusiastic we met on 18th November to sing for the Monday Club at the Tin Tabernacle in Sole street. Again we were made very welcome and after singing a selection of new material and songs from musicals we enjoyed a lovely tea and chat with members of the club.


Welcome back to all those members who have chosen to rejoin us for another year and a very warm welcome to our new members. At the moment we are focossing on a few new songs to increase our repertoire but it won't be long before we turn our attention to the Christmas so if you have any new seasonal songs you would like us to include this year bring them along to our meetings.

If you need copies of any of the lyrics for songs we are singing please contact Anne Marie Medhurst

Dates for your Diaries:

  • Monday 18th November, 2,00 pm, Monday Club, Tin Tabernacle, Sole Street
  • Monday 25th November, 2.00 pm Parkinson Group, Chalk.
  • Tuesday 3rd December, 11.00 am, Alzheimer Group, St John's Church, Meopham

Please note that we will meet at the Tin Tabernacle for a short rehearsal prior to singing for the Alzheimer group.



2018-19 Season

We kicked off our 2019 season with a visit to the Chestnuts in Meopham. We had a lovely reception from staff and residents many of whom joined in with our songs.

After our meeting on Tuesday 5th March we'll be going for our postponed Christmas Lunch to the See Ho in Shorne.For more details contact Anne-Marie

Current Practise Songs

  • I'd like to teach the world to sing
  • Scarlett Ribbons
  • Big Spender
  • Consider yourself
  • Whistle a happy tune
  • Shall we dance
  • Happy talk
  • Downtown
  • If I were a rich man
  • Cant buy me love
  • Hey Mambo

If anyone needs copies of the words please email Anne Marie Medhurst

As before, we are all women, a very friendly and informal group, but would enthusiastically welcome any male members who might feel they could be interested.

We still enjoy singing popular songs, old and not-so-old, and we have also attracted the interest of the guitar group, with whom we have performed on a few occasions. We sang at several venues prior to Christmas at various care homes and memory groups, also the Parkinson's Group in Chalk. We are sometimes (although not always) offered refreshments, which are much appreciated. This week we sang again for the Monday Club at Sole Street, and were again rewarded with tea, cakes and biscuits

At long last we have the possibility of a pianist, which has yet to be discussed.

"Your u3a needs YOUR HELP"  Please.  celfred-Pointing-finger1.png

We are in need of replacements for some of our group contacts, can you help or possibly share this
with another group member? Even a group "ticking over" provides an excuse to meet and chat which
helps many of our members to keep active and leave the house.

Contact any committee member via the contact us page and discuss how you can help. Thank you.