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News Update.....................
Our March meeting will be a trip with the Outings group to Quebec House.
Our April meeting we will go to the Tutankhamen exhibition.

A group for anyone interested in finding out about events/people/issues in history and discussing their findings with other members of the group.

See below for forthcoming meetings, & click HERE for HISTORY GROUP PAST MEETINGS to see what we have covered to date.

In January we discussed religion, drama and aqueducts. We hope to do a walk later on in the year with  a guide showing us round Roman London.  We decided to leave it until the weather is a bit better, perhaps in the spring. The walks are every Saturday at 2pm and there is no need to book . We also talked about going to see the Tutankhamen exhibition in London and decided that we would go on the date of our April meeting.Another place we hope to visit is Lullingstone Roman Villa, possibly in March.

In January instead of a meeting we went to see the film "Mary Queen of Scots" at Bluewater. We then discussed the film over a meal at Bella Italia.

Our February meeting was on the period 1775-1800. We talked about Herschel, Sheridan, Taxation, the diaries of James Woodforde, the guillotine, the Marseillaise and Mary Wollstonecraft.

In March we started on the 19th century, 1800-1825, and talked about Russia in the Napeleonic Wars,the death of Princess Charlotte, Queen Caroline, Dickens boyhood in Chatham, the eruption of Mount Tambora, slavery, William Cobbbett and the Brighton Pavilion.

In April it was 1825-50 but we are doing it over two meeting as there are now ten of us in the group so there was not enought time for each of us to do a talk and discuss it afterwards. The five topics wer the Treaty of Waikiti in New Zealand, the Tolpuddle Martyrs. Charles Darwin's voyage on the Beagle, 1848 the year of revolutions and the start of Birth, Marriage and Death registration.

The May meeting carried on with 1825-50 with talks on the Chartists, Poor Law Reform, Grimaldi and Angela Burdett- Coutts.

Our September 2019 meeting was a visit to St Margaret's church at Darenth. Some of us did a walk across the fields from David's house where we met the rest of the group. David and the churchwarden told us about the history of this beautiful church. After spending some time looking round, we had a cup of tea in the church hall with cakes that June had made. We discussed what we would like to do for the coming year and decided to do the Romans, followed by the Saxons and Vikings.

At our October meeting Sheila talked about Hadrian's and the Antonine walls, Jan did Roman roads and Heather the Roman Army. We all agree we knew very little about the start oif the Roman Empire so David will tackle this subject at our next meeting with June investigating its collapse. We are thinking of doing a guided walk on Roman London and will decide a date at the next meeting in November.

Our  meeting on November 15th covered the start and end of the Roman Empire, Roman Springhead and cosmetics. We decided that the December meeting would be held a week earlier than normal on the 13th as everyone would be busy around Christmas.

Our December meeting at Carole's house was about Roman Food and Roman London. Carole provided some Christmassy snacks.

There was no meeting in September as several members were away.
Our first meeting in October covered the period from 1700-1725.We talked about transport, George 1, the death of Louis XIV, Sarah Churchill, the South Sea Bubble and the 1715 rebellion.

Our November meeting covered the period 1725-50. The subjects were: Music milestones,theatre,Fleet marriages, the Hawkhurst gang, Bow Street Runners, women pirates, the Black Act and the Foundling Hospital. Our next meeting will be on 21st December and will be about the period 1750-75.

Our December meeting was on the years 17750-75 and we discussed Josiah Wedgwood, canals, the agrarian revolution, Captain Cook, Joseph Arkwright and Samuel Johnson's dictionary. There will not be a January meeting as we are going to the cinema to see Mary Queen of Scots.







Coronvirus Updates for Meopham U3A

Following Government advice, group meetings are postponed,
BUT please check with your group contact to confirm this.
(Some outdoor meetings may be ok, walking, cycling etc....)

As you are aware all the organised coach trips have now been cancelled.

Quiz night has also been cancelled.