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Christ Church Hall, Old Road East, Gravesend, DA12 5NR,
(near Echo Square ) 7.30pm - 9.30pm ---£3.00

Modern Jive Dancing Group, 

Meopham U3A contact is Edina Geering.

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This group is a joint venture with Gravesend U3A.

Come along to our newly formed U3A Modern Jive group. It’s a great way to meet people, have fun and keep fit in a relaxed atmosphere all whilst learning to dance. Modern Jive is much slower to dance that traditional Jive and has the distinct advantage of minimal footwork.

We are very fortunate to have an experienced couple, Alan and Lynne, who have agreed to get the dancing started and coach the group on a regular basis.

Hi Everyone


We have a  new venue at Christ Church Hall - it has a lot more room and  a great dance floor, however they only have space on Monday on a regular basis, therefore we have changed the day to Monday every 2 weeks from 29th July.
We appreciate this new day may not suit everone and may also help others who couldn’t make the previous days. (Our prevous site at Ascot Arms pub has closed).
At our last class we had a great fun night with lots of laughter and giggles as it went wrong sometimes, however, that’s all part of the learning experience as we meet new friends.    
Please see attached videos of the moves from last class to practice if you wish.
Listening to feed back after the first 2 classes we plan to simplify the moves for the next class and may lead the class from the floor to show and help where required.
Every class is a beginners class -- so if you haven't joined us before  it's ok to join now -- also if you have holdays or other commitments it's ok to miss classes without falling behind.

See you on the dance floor.

Alan & Lynne Scott

Please see below some of the comments received by participants

Thank you so much for a very enjoyable evening. What a turnout!  Although most of us went wrong at some point, it was still fun and we had a good laugh. 

Unfortunately, with old age comes very short memory!  It’s a brilliant idea to change partners all the time.  What I enjoyed most, and really thank you both so much, for kindly dancing with everyone.  I can’t believe that I jived for the first time ever! 
Regrettably, I will be on holiday for the next session, but look forward to the one after that.

I am really sorry I won’t be able to come this coming week as I am away on holiday.  I had such a good time at our first lesson.  I can’t wait for my next lesson and look forward to it.  Please don’t think I won’t return, I am hooked! 

Those movers and shakers among us were looking forward to shimming around the dance floor.  We were not disappointed.

There were approximately over 40 people from both Gravesend & Northfleet U3A and Meopham U3A.  As we all signed in we were given a name badge which we discovered was a great way to get to know each other.

Alan proceeded to explain exactly how the evening would be structured.  We then were shown the four moves that we were going to learn that night.  Alan said that we should remember to relax and smile.  This was not as easy as it sounds as we were so busy trying to remember the moves.  Gradually we were getting the hang of it and Saturday Night Fever came to mind!

It was a very good evening, well organized and very enjoyable.

Well done to both Alan and Lynne Scott.

Strictly here we come!

Just to say thank you so very much for a wonderful evening of Modern Jive, I had such a great time.

Thank you for the notification of the change to Monday and I hope to be there.  I know I was hopeless, but I did enjoy the last evening!  Thank you. 

Thank you both for a really enjoyable evening.  Well organised.
We are going to practice honest!