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The Group contact is Paul Hillman who can be contacted using the 'bluebird' email icon on this page.

This Group is open to all levels, ranging from absolute beginners to more advanced. The current groups, "Beginners +" and "Beginners", have recently participated, on alternate weeks, in fortnightly sessions of approximately 2 hours, on Thursdays from 10;00-12:00 at my house. The sessions include time for coffee or tea and rest from our labours with friendly conversations that often extend beyond 12:00.

We use the BBC books/CDs "TALK SPANISH" by Almudena Sanchez & Auroro Longo, *ISBN 978-14066-792-43. The course is available via Amazon, Waterstones or from any good bookshop & has proved to be a very useful basis of learning within the Group sessions. It includes CDs which are useful to listen to between sessions. A CD player or DVD player can be used for this. I use a DVD player during the sessions. We also use some of the excellent free material available on YouTube as well as material from other courses as appropriate.

We are aiming to be able to understand and converse in Spanish sufficiently to facilitate: acquisition of daily necessities; the exchange of courteous pleasantries (although the opposite may well be available); the obtaining of accommodation; and the following of directions, as well as the making of successful travel arrangements.... and much more. We are not in the business of preparing for any exams or other academic pursuits (pause for involuntary shudder!) but should an interest in Spanish Literature be inspired, help and direction is available. We aim to have fun and learn some Spanish, in short.

Prospective members are welcome to join our groups & anybody interested in turning up should contact Paul via the link above. if you are a complete beginner with Spanish you should bear in mind that there might be a steeper learning curve initially to catch up with the group . If you have some experience of Spanish, you might like to consider leading one of the groups in tandem with me or in your own right ..... If you are fluent, count me in, I want to be in your group!

Coronvirus Updates for Meopham U3A

Hello Meopham U3A, Yes we are "OPEN"
As lockdown eases a little your committee and group contacts are thinking and working on ways to bring us together. At the moment it appears that technology will be our assistant to start with. Group contacts have had a ZOOM chat to try and explore ways to come together, maybe with guest speakers for a group online meeting. Who knows what the future holds. 
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