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The Needlecrafts group coordinator role is filled by Helen Pearce. Click the bluebird symbol to e-mail Helen.

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Year Four and we are at present a small group MORE MEMBERS WELCOME! We have moved on from the mirror embroidery "Shisha" and the felt Christmas Decorations that were on display at the December meeting (not sure many people notice them however) and we have decided to revisit Crochet. Those of us who worked on the granny squares and quilts in the first year are tackling working from a pattern.
The newer members of the group are learning (or revising) the basics and working on granny squares.

It is always a fun afternoon with much help with tips and techniques being shared.

History of the Group:
We started as an inexperienced Crochet group who wanted to improve our skills. In March 2016 we changed our group name from 'Crochet' to 'Needlecrafts' to better reflect our activities, which continue to evolve as we learn, & have shared our knowledge to make small Christmas decorations & for various other projects.

In 2016, the first meeting was at Valerie's where she introduced us to a new exciting project, & we learned from each other how to make 'Granny Squares' to combine into a blanket for a charitable cause. During our first year we put together 5 blankets which we donated to an old folks home.

We meet monthly, usually at a member's home. Please contact Helen for further information & details of meetings.