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Bee Watch

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This group, (the UK U3A’s very 1st Bee Watch Group), was formed in Feb 2017 following an inspirational talk to Meopham U3A in Oct 2016 by Dr Nikki Gammans from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT). We decided to organize some initial training & then a number of BeeWalks in small groups for the summer months & to hold occasional whole group meetings, further training &/or other events.

BeeWalk is a national recording scheme operated by the BBCT to monitor the abundance of bumblebees across the UK. Volunteers identify & count the bumblebees they see on a 1 hour walk monthly from Mar to Oct.

Anyone can become a BeeWalker – once you decide on a fixed route (about a mile) you walk it each month & send in your sightings. It is fixed to allow direct comparisons of bumblebee population trends over time. All data collected contributes to important long-term monitoring of bumblebee population changes in response to land-use & climate changes. This helps to detect early warning signs of population declines & inform how our countryside is managed.

For information on the Bee Walk Survey Scheme click HERE.

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2019 SEASON: 

For our diary dates please click HERE,  & for past events & some pictures click HERE.

Currently we have 5 established BeeWalks - click below to find information about them:                                     

* NORTHFIELD DA3 8EX (Hartley/New Ash Green)

 Useful App: Blooms for Bees is a great app with some good photographs.
Available to download for free: Blooms for Bees (Apple.) or Blooms for Bees (Android.)  

START OF SEASON MEETING on 25 February: The following points were decided:

  • The 5 established walks to continue in 2019 with modification to the routes at Jeskyns and Cobham Mausoleum.
  • 8 April 2019 - a day out at RSPB Northward Hill, Hoo with Lauren Kennedy - more information and time TBC.
  • Possible link with Canterbury U3A who are interested in forming a similar group.
  • Dates for all walks finalised for 2019 season and can be found by clicking above.
  • Information about our group to be added to the National U3A research database.


The end of season meeting will take place during the Coffee Morning at the Cricketers Inn 10:00 to 11:30.  I hope as many of you are possible will attend and provide feed back to the rest of the group.  

Beryl Connelly
Bee Watch – group co-ordinator