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Italian Intermediate

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The INTERMEDIATE Group meets at The Green Man, Longfield Hill, generally on the 1st & 3rd Fridays of the month. We try to keep our sessions under review & amend them as members feel appropriate. Prospective & new members are very welcome - you can contact us via the link above. If you would like to join us, please make yourself known; email & inquire &/or register your interest as soon as possible. Ciao! At the moment we are not meeting but are keeping in touch and are awaiting developments re Covid as we are a large group and social distancing is difficult. We will be reviewing the situation when the new U3A year starts in September.

???? BBC ‘Talk Italian’ Books/CDs by Alwena Lamping, (pub. Pearson Education Limited). Book 1 ISBN 978-1-40667-899-4; Book 2 ISBN 978-1-40667-931-1. There is a Talk Italian Box Set combining Books 1 & 2, & also'Talk Italian Complete' combining Books 1 & 2, Talk Italian Grammar & the CDs.
???? "Practice Makes Perfect - Italian Reading & Comprehension" (Riccarda Sagese), (pub.McGraw Hill Education). ISBN978-0-07-179895-2).
???? All are available via Amazon, Waterstones, or other good bookshops.


There are various online Italian courses run for free by various bodies here & abroad, including universities. You need to register & sign up for such courses; the modules can be downloaded on to your computer for you to access them in your own time. Several of these are on the ‘FutureLearn’ website, but there are many other sites. 

One such Futurelearn course is Introduction to Italian (3 hours per week for 6 weeks), organised by the ‘Universita per Stranieri di Siena’, ie The Foreign Students’ University of Siena. Another consists of a series of Italian for Beginners short course units from The Open University which each last 4 weeks.

DuoLingo is a useful app which can be used on both computer & smartphone.

PS. It’s quite easy to type accent marks using MS Word on a PC computer keyboard. Click HERE forTYPING ACCENTED LETTERS information.

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