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Virtual Meetings by ZOOM @ 2pm

8/9/2020:  Fools Gold, " 2 piece singing and story telling group."
13/10/2020:   Roger Cheetham, A True Story of Resilience.
10/11/2020:   Jane King, The Foundling Museum
8/12/2020:  Imogen Corrigan, The Politeness of Princes
12/01/2021:  Andrew J Baker, Social changes following the end of WW2
9/2/2021:  Ian Keable,  Comedy Magic & Mind Reading
9/3/2021: Jim Holmes,  Photographer
13/4/2021:  Ruth Waine,  Hospital / Mercy Ships
11/05/2021: Dr Ian Bedford,   Entomologist, A Butterfly garden and a Changing Environment
8/06/2021:  Martyn Harrison,  Retired Tenor Opera Singer
13/07/2021:  Chris Stewart     Historian     The life of a Kentish hop picker
10/08/2021:  Christoph Bull,  Historian/Speaker/Guide
17/09/2021:  Amanda Cotterell,  Kent Ambassador, Canterbury Cathedral Trustee
12/10/2021:  Sarah Slater,  Hampton Court tour guide
9/11/2021:  Peter Hartley,  Working with the Royal family
14/12/2021:  Pat Bryer,  A Tribute to Joyce Grenfell


08/01/19:  Tim Barker-Bartholomew "Occasional Absurdities-The Life of an Actor and Novelist".
12/02/19:   Alan Payne "The History of Playing Cards".
19/02/19:   Gaye Ilsley "Lasting Power of Attourney" meeting @ Vigo Village Hall.
12/03/19:   Amanda Cottrell "Kent International".
19/03/19:   Darren Bubb "Advanced Motoring"
09/04/19:  Ann Rachlin MBE "Ellen Terry - The First Superstar".
14/05/19:   Annie Kemkaran-Smith "History of Leed Castle"
11/06/19:   Rodney Buckland " A Trip Around the Solar System"

09/07/19:   Our 4th AGM 
13/08/19:  "3Rs" (Review, Recruit, Re-Register) Members sign-up meeting

10/09/19:   Melanie Gibson-Barton  "Three Women, One Man - Glamour Wealth and Heartbreak"
08/10/19:   Martin Lloyd "Passports, Assassins, Traitors and Spies".
10/12/19:   David Tadd "The Forensic Investigation of Homicide".
26/11/19:   @ Culverstone village Hall, PC Aimee Payne, "Beating Cyber Crime"
14/01/2020:   Barbara Stevens "The History of Downe Village"
11/02/2020:   David Astley " The Ambulance Service"
10/03/2020:   Andy Thomas "Crop Circles"

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helps many of our members to keep active and leave the house.

Contact any committee member via the contact us page and discuss how you can help. Thank you.