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Melanie Gibson-Barton


After her very entertaining talk in November 2017 (see details below), Melanie is returning in September 2019 to regale us with more of her tales. The title for her next talk is "Three Women, One Man - Glamour Wealth and Heartbreak"

After her very entertaining talk in November 2017 about Bruges MU3A welcomes back Melanie to regale us with more of her tales.
This time it is a thought-provoking talk revealing how the lives of four mystery icons intertwine in their pursuit of wealth, status and power.
Can money ever buy love and happiness?


Melanie Gibson-Barton, who lives in East Kent, is an experienced public speaker registered with the Kent History Federation & various Federations of Women's Institutes. Although she is English, she gives talks on numerous aspects of Belgium & France, & a diverse range of historical subjects.

Click 'A Really Entertaining Speaker' to visit her website, where you will find a full list & lots more information.
"Bruges - it's more than just chocolate!” (NOV 2017)

In a surprise change to the program we were treated to a lively and entertaining talk that took in the history, culture, food and entertainment that makes Bruges a city to be visited again and again. We found out why there is a bear on the coat of alms, that Brugse Zot is made from Kentish hops, that sometimes the sun shines and of course that when it come to chocolate they are true master chocolatiers.

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