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Alan Payne

"What's on the Cards? or The History of Playing Cards"

WHAT’S ON THE CARDS? is an illustrated talk (with a few demonstrations thrown in) about playing cards. Or rather, the history and mystery of playing cards. The talk that Alan gets asked to do most often perhaps because it’s such a quirky subject. It came about when Alan was asked if he had any other talks following his Greenwich arm-chair tour. Alan turned to a hobby and ‘What’s on the Cards?’ was the result. We’re all familiar with playing cards but how much do we really know about them? You may be surprised by what you see and hear. And why is the suit on the Ace of Spades that much larger than the other three Aces? Why do we have jokers in the pack? Can playing cards be read?

Alan Payne is an experienced and qualified tour guide and public speaker, and a keen local historian. Being a ‘very personable chap’, he has worked successfully with many varied groups.

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