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A Trip Around The Solar System. Rodney Buckland.

50 years ago next month, mankind left footprints on the surface of our Moon for the first time. As the world witnessed the defining moment of the 20th century, two robot explorers were quietly being prepared to fly by Mars. Over the last 50 years, unmanned space missions to planets, moons, asteroids, comets and other bodies have completely transformed our knowledge and understanding of the Solar System beyond our Moon.

Coronvirus Updates for Meopham U3A

Hello Meopham U3A,
As lockdown eases a little your committee and group contacts are thinking and working on ways to bring us together. At the moment it appears that technology will be our assistant to start with. Group contacts and committee are having a ZOOM chat to try and explore ways to come together, maybe with guest speakers for a group online meeting. Who knows what the future holds. 

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