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**November** Monthly Meeting is at the Church.
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New Groups

New Groups

News to follow as it arrives. Fingers crossed...........

Anyone interested in any of the new groups just needs to get in touch with the Group Co-Ordinator via this website.

Play Reading: - for anyone interested in reading plays as a group

Badminton: - Gravesend Badminton group has asked if any Meopham members would be interested in joining their group. They meet on Wednesdays from 2pm - 4pm. There would be a small cost for the hall hire. They play at club standard.

"Your u3a needs YOUR HELP"  Please.  celfred-Pointing-finger1.png

We are in need of replacements for some of our group contacts, can you help or possibly share this
with another group member? Even a group "ticking over" provides an excuse to meet and chat which
helps many of our members to keep active and leave the house.

Contact any committee member via the contact us page and discuss how you can help. Thank you.