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New Groups

New Groups

News to follow as it arrives.

Progressing well, see below

Yoga, group contact : Rosemary Roumana **************************up and exercising
Fitness for Fun, group contact : Rosemary Roumana **************also up and exercising
Archeology, group contact : Stuart Roumana************************First meeting arranged, 22nd October, check group page!
Science Matters, group contact : Rodney Buckland
Book Club 3, group contact : Penny Gamp ***************************First meeting held
Digital Making, group contact : Andrew Chaliis
Music Ensemble, group contact : Jane Challis
Patchwork for Beginners, group contact : Beryl Connelly
Orchard Theatre Group, group contact : Mary Moss

VE Day 2020

Also seeking interest for the following possible groups

Art Appreciation2