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Hello all members,

This page is just a summary of how our groups are responding to the problem that Coronovirus has caused to our meetings and how some groups are getting around this issue using technology and other means available.

The one important thing is to comply with goverment legislation as it changes, 
  Social distancing.
  Personal safety & Hygiene.
This will certainly be a year to look back on!

The other important thing to publicise is that Meopham U3A is open and planning for the future.

Are you finding that your group can't run at the moment due to restrictions and you are missing company / chatting etc. then why not contact another group via their Bluebird link and ask if you could be a Temporary Honorary Member.

Here are how a few groups are coping,

Art Appreciation group are meeting via Zoom twice a month and have had a Powerpoint presentation by a member.Wow!
Art group are using Whatsapp to share paintings.
Book group 1 are having monthly Zoom meetings.
Bridge group some members playing online and are sending monthly email updates.
Canasta group are running a weekly newsletter.
Current Affairs group have had some hour meetings
Cycling Groups are discussing joining together with possibly a cycle in July, watch this space.
Digital makers / IT groups have used emails.
French groups are all meeting via Zoom.
Gardening group are keeping fingers crossed for possible visits in  Sept-Oct.
Genealogy group planning for something in July, Updates to follow.
German group are setting up a series of Zoom classes.
Golf groups, both are waiting for easier access as most clubs are open for members or individuals only and not groups yet.
History 1 group have been doing email research & sharing and are now moving to Zoom.
History 2 group haven't quite started but have Whatsapped.
Meditation group are swapping links for guided meditation and using Whatsapp.
Money Matters are using Whatsapp for meetings.
Music Ensemble group is using Zoom but still working on getting over the difficulties presented.
Music for Pleasure group is using weekly news sheets and is planning a version of Desert Island discs via Zoom.
Painting and Drawing group are having lots of giggles with comments and encouragement after posting their pictures on Whatsapp.
Patchwork group are sending emails and sharing work.
Photography group have sent photos and discussed using Whatsapp.
Quilting group are chatting via Whatsapp.
Singing groups are progressing with Zoom and finding ways to make it work and be fun.
Spanish group are using email and Zoom sessions.
Wine groups are meeting via Zoom with an advantage that with being able to stay at home with a glass or two rather than just sips!!!!







Coronvirus Updates for Meopham U3A

Hello Meopham U3A, Yes we are "OPEN"
As lockdown eases a little your committee and group contacts are thinking and working on ways to bring us together. At the moment it appears that technology will be our assistant to start with. Group contacts have had a ZOOM chat to try and explore ways to come together, maybe with guest speakers for a group online meeting. Who knows what the future holds. 
Can you help?? Ideas are welcome.
Click on suggestions at the top of the main screen and be a part Meopham U3A.
Above all stay safe and keep in touch.
Phone a friend or contact us using the contact page.