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Digital Makers

This group focuses on Home Automation and making electronic projects based on single board computers like the Raspberry Pi, Arduino Nano etc.

Ideally it would help if you had a bit of programming and or microelectronics experience although one of our aims is to show what can be achieved easily with these relatively cheap electronic kits. Several members have recently purchased their very first Raspberry Pi computer and are on their way to making a home survillance system which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

We currently are unable to meet as a group but members have been using Whatsapp to post videos of their latest projects. These have included home made Ventilators and several videos of Robotic buggies chasing around kitchen floors.

Now that two households are allowed to meet indoors, opens the possibilty of a pair of members meeting up to provide hands on technical support or tuition.


 For further information please contact Andrew Challis via the bluebird symbol above.

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Help with technology is available and dont be scared to ask or email someone on committee who will point you in the right direction and for many, try asking grandchildren for help, I do!!

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