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Biomechanics Research Group

So far 17 members have signed up to help Ian Farr of the University of Kent in his research into 'Muscle Activity in Standing'.

If you volunteer to take part, you will be invited to visit Ian's laboratory at the University of Kent's Chatham Maritime campus where sensors that measure muscle activity will be placed on your lower leg.

To improve adhesiveness and conductivity of these sensors, a small area on your legs will be shaved to remove hair. Then, you will be asked to stand on a force platform (a bit like bathroom scales). This activity will be repeated 6 times for one minute each, with small variations in the task requirements.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed up to £5 and free parking is available right next to the laboratory. There is also a bus stop on campus. Refreshments will be available afterwards. After the study is complete and results are analysed, a seminar will be held to feedback findings.

For further information and to register your interest, please click the bluebird symbol above to contact Rodney Buckland, who is acting as contact for this short-life group.

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